Our Greatest Living Film Critic, XVII

June, 2020

The Trip to Greece (2020)

Watched The Trip to Greece (2020), the fourth installment in a series of dadcoms about two British comedians making a travel documentary. The format is still great, but I think they are running out of new impressions to do. In this one, they’re traveling around Greece, visiting locations from The Odyssey, while things in their real lives loosely mimic events in the poem (siege, sirens, hades, Telemachus, swimming). I was on the lookout for a cyclops, but didn’t see one. Lots of leering at waitresses. The theme is about dealing with your own mortality: Coogan does it by seeking affirmation, Brydon ignores it by making jokes. They deflate each other. The Ray Winstone bit was my favorite in this one. Lots of seafood. I give it 3.75 linen shirts out of a possible 5 linen shirts.