The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Which way I flie is Hell; my self am Hell;
And in the lowest deep a lower deep
Still threatning to devour me opens wide,
To which the Hell I suffer seems a Heav’n.

Paradise Lost, IV, 75-78

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain
The face of God don’t shine
Ham steaks flap on pork chop wings
Soup cans grow on the vine
And the trees with fruitcake branches
Bend right down to your head
We hide at night in chocolate caves
From the walking gingerbread
The summer storms are boiling stew
The snows are powdered milk
Sometimes the skies
Rain apple pies
What we need are medical supplies
In the Big Rock Candy Mountain

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain
Can you build a house with cake?
Can you sow a field with gum drops
Or swim in a hot fudge lake?
The policemen all have wooden legs
The criminals run the courts
You cannot raise a child here
Life is tasty, brutish, and short
And those who tried to change it
They all wound up the same
Skulls smashed with the candy rocks
That give this hell its name
The stars are made of dolls eyes
And they watch you as you sleep
Oh, I lost my wife
When she took her life
With a candy cane sharp as a knife
In the Big Rock Candy Mountain

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain
You can climb the highest height
And look in all directions
But there is no end in sight
The burning desert sugar dunes
The crashing waves of beer
Extend in all directions
And never disappear
For many days I walked alone
Then turned around to see
Like Lucifer I bore the Big Rock
Candy Mountain inside me
The birds all sing my favorite songs
Steak fajitas grow on trees
Last night I prayed
For a hand grenade
To end these miseries arrayed
This morning it rained lemonade
In the Big Rock Candy Mountain

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